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DJE Texas Management Group is a Commercial Real Estate Investment and Management Company based in San Antonio, Texas. Since our beginnings investing in single-family homes, we have now grown into a growing enterprise with hundreds of investors and approaching 100 employees.

DJE believes in the transformative power that passive income can have on the lives of investors, their families and the community. We are guided by our core values, and we endeavor to provide people with the education, systems and opportunities to make impactful real estate investments.




Our History

Since 2012, DJE Texas Management (“DJE”) has executed a variety of real estate investment strategies and delivers excellent risk adjusted returns to our investors. Since our founding in the single-family home business, DJE has managed all aspects of the acquisition, repositioning and disposition of over 300 real estate projects.  We’ve historically had a focus on value add workforce multifamily housing, equating to over 5,000 multifamily units with value add renovation budgets ranging from $10k to $3M+.

Today, DJE works tirelessly to identify select multifamily, development and land projects that will provide investors with excellent returns backed by physical assets.


DJE creates exceptional places to live, work, and relax. We do this by operating from our core values to create a World Class Company Culture and a World Class Investor Experience, which allows us to consistently execute on a variety of investment projects where everyone involved wins.

Hear What Our Investors Have To Say

First investment with DJE

After researching the success DJE has in investing I’m proud to be a passive investor with DJE
The investor portal is easy to navigate compared to other deals I’ve done. Hope to do more deals with DJE

Henry A

No Hidden Agendas

DJE is more than a Real Estate Investing Company, it is a partnership with no hidden agendas. I’m glad you gave me the opportunity to Invest, to ask and meet and answer questions. I like DJE’s positive outlook on Real Estate and their involvement with helping The Community. When You plant a Good Seed and are for it….it grows to become a strong tree that will bear strong fruits. I’ll be looking forward as Partners to keep Investing in your Projects ahead.

To All Texas DJE Group Management, Partners/Investors Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

Art R. Sr.

Art R. Sr.

First investment experience

My wife and I have been very pleased with our investment experience with Devin and his team. The professionalism shown in the constant communication goes a long way to make us comfortable that we made the right decision in investing with DJE Management Group. We look forward to the next investment opportunity that comes forward from your team.

Kim W


I am very happy with the partnership. Limestone Oaks closed in June, and I received my first distribution in July.
Great job!

Emanuel M.

First Investment with DJE

I have participated in at least a dozen investments in the past 10 years with several different funds and LLC’s. Some with great success, my very first from 10 years ago is still paying well and a couple that did not turn out as I would have liked.
I was introduced to DJE through a training event with Quest Trust Company. I was impressed with the presentation and after some research I felt confident that DJE had a solid business model that would support continued growth.
The one thing that stands out for me with DJE is the vendor portal that is clear on what your investment is, what is being paid out and all documentation relating to the investment. Along with that DJE sends out regular updates on the investment which helps maintain the comfort level for the investor. Some of my other investments that are doing well financially, are not doing a great job of keeping the investors informed. I have to call or email just to get updates.
I started with the minimum investment to give DJE the test drive before investing more into other DJE offerings. That said, I will be investing more with DJE as my other investments close out and return capital.
I would be comfortable recommending DJE to family and friends.

Cliff N.


It was a pleasure to work with Devin on the acquisition of Vizcaya Apartments. His attention to detail allowed us to obtain very favorable financing on his behalf. All challenges were quickly addressed and worked through as a team. Look forward to working together again soon!

Matt N

Excellent Buyer

Devin performed flawlessly on the most recent multifamily deal we sold to DJE. He is a man of his word and easily navigates through all the challenges that often come up in a multifamily transaction. I look forward to doing more business with DJE and would always provide a strong reference on Devin’s behalf.

Forrest Bass

First Passive Real Estate Syndication Experience

While this was my first passive real estate syndication experience, I appreciated the communication, honesty, and transparency from the entire DJE team. Returns exceeded expectations. I am looking forward to the next investment opportunity.

Curt W

Well Run and Very Informative

Devin and his team had did an excellent job with the 10Forty8 investment! I appreciated getting monthly updates on operations and business. The team did a solid job with the rehab and increased the value of the investment within 1 year. Thanks Devin and DJE team!

Kushal S

Happy to Keep Working With You

We appreciated the communication and that everything went as planned. I already have a friend your info and I think he’s investing in the new project. I’ll be referring a few more friends also

Ryan J

Passive Investing At It’s Finest

Nothing but high marks and high trust here. I’ve been investing with DJE for more than a few years and the level of professionalism and communication are second to none. They make investing in cash flowing real estate easy and stress free!!

Willie C.

Excellent Buyer

Devin was an excellent Buyer. He closed as contracted and was a pleasure to work with. I would gladly recommend DJE as a Buyer to my other Seller clients and I look forward to working with him on future deals.

Matt, M.

A Valuable Partner in Real Estate Investments

I’ve worked with Devin Elder and his team on several investments during due diligence, operations and dispositions of commercial real estate. Devin’s focus on the asset’s returns along with his ability to communicate the financial analysis and specific goals and expectations have been instrumental in the success of the properties’ operations, and ultimately the increase in the assets’ values. His flexibility, open minded outlook and his commitment to stay ahead of trends and markets make him and his company a valuable partner in real estate investments.

Roxana T.

Thank you Devin!

I’ve known Devin for over a year now and I have truly enjoyed following him in the real estate investing space. He is also a great educator in the multifamily space. I have never heard a negative thing about him ever since I’ve known him. I recently decided to invest in one of his projects and looking forward to investing more in the future. Thank you Devin!

Dr. Dan Handford

Investing Made Easy

If there is one compliment I could pay DJE, it would be that they simplify investing in deals and make it easy for you to get indirectly involved while benefiting from investing in Real Estate. I do rentals myself and have invested with him on several projects to keep idle capital working. I would recommend Devin as a professional and trusted partner.

Mark Campbell


I have worked with Devin on multiple transactions where he was a guarantor on a loan we originated. Each time Devin had a concise plan for the asset and was very thorough when selecting a loan program that fit the needs of the property and the investment horizon of his investors. Being local to San Antonio, Devin has a strong understanding of the market and had been successful identifying well located assets that have been underperforming, yet conservative with his underwriting assumptions when projecting returns. As a lender that is very refreshing and simplifies the process for all. I look forward to working with Devin and the DJE team on future deals.

Patrick S.

Amazing Experience – Every Time

Devin and his team are an absolute joy to work with. As most people in the multifamily business can attest to, this business is difficult most of the time but having Devin involved in a transaction definitely makes things go much smoother. I am now working on my 3rd deal with Devin and boy do I wish every client was this easy to work with. Not only is DJE reasonable in understanding the dynamics of a transaction, they are responsive which is a huge part of this business. I can’t recommend Devin and DJE highly enough because it truly is an amazing experience, every time.

Bryce S.

Exceptional Professionalism and Transparency

I had the pleasure of working with Devin on a San Antonio multifamily acquisition that I brokered. He and his affiliates exhibited best-in-class professionalism and made my role far easier than it usually is. I cannot speak highly enough of Devin’s conduct, decisiveness, and communicative skills. I look forward to the next acquisition and disposition that we work on with DJE.

Chris S

Fantastic Private Lending Experience

I am a physician who does different types of real estate investing on the side. In regards to Devin and his company, DJE Texas Management Group, I have acted as a private lender who has lent money to Devin’s company on two occasions. The lending experiences were wonderful. Devin is very easy to work with. He is smart, responsive, and personable. I have nothing but great things to say about Devin and his company. I look forward to working with him again.

John J.

Great uneventful experience

I’ve been on Devin’s email list for a few months until last September I noticed an interesting investment opportunity that was right for my budget.
Devin has been very professional and transparent throughout the whole process, he was flexible about the dates and even covered the due diligence fees For a local attorney since I’m not from Texas and didn’t have the time or knowledge about the local market he is buying in.
The agreement was a 6 months note with a monthly interest payment and the principal paid back at the end of the 6 months.
I got paid every month on time, sometimes even a couple of days before the date, and all the transactions went through Venmo.

I consider myself a cautious investor who cares a great deal about the person who stands behind the company, and I would not hesitate to invest again in this company.

Yaniv S

Multiple Investments

I have worked with Devin on multiple real estate investments. He delivers on his core values. I especially like the way he communicates with his investor partners. Timely and effective communication, along with a great education component. My return on investment has been great, and always on time. I would highly recommend Devin!

Gus H.

Devin is a Pleasure to Work With

We have worked with Devin on several deals to date. Devin is always thorough with his property evaluations, never late on payments, and always meets his deadlines. This is uncommon with most others we have funded. I would recommend DJE to anyone else looking to make an investment in real estate.

Jeremy A.

Mr. Elder did everything he said he would, and we enjoyed our ‘mailbox money’

Joseph L

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