The Investment Process

1. Acquisition

We have operated exclusively in San Antonio, Texas, since 2012, and we have extensive broker relationships and a well-oiled marketing machine that delivers us a steady supply of real estate that needs new life breathed into it. After careful analysis & due diligence honed by over 100 acquisitions, we close on the property using a combination of our funds & investor funds. Our investor partners enjoy strong annualized returns (historically 8-20%+) and their investment is backed by the real estate.

2. Reposition

After we close, our teams get to work repositioning the property. Depending on what our analysis calls for, we may be replacing roofs, gutting and redoing kitchens, or completely turning around apartment communities.

3. Cashflow

During the time we own the property, our investor partners enjoy monthly or quarterly distributions, without having to know anything about real estate or do any work whatsoever.

4. Disposition

When the project concludes, we sell the property and return the investor’s capital plus any additional gains. Rinse & repeat for passive wealth building.


Download a complimentary copy of our report “The Ideal Investment: How Apartment Buildings Provide the Best Mix of Safety, Returns, and Tax Advantages of Any Investment Vehicle.”

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