I have participated in at least a dozen investments in the past 10 years with several different funds and LLC’s. Some with great success, my very first from 10 years ago is still paying well and a couple that did not turn out as I would have liked.
I was introduced to DJE through a training event with Quest Trust Company. I was impressed with the presentation and after some research I felt confident that DJE had a solid business model that would support continued growth.
The one thing that stands out for me with DJE is the vendor portal that is clear on what your investment is, what is being paid out and all documentation relating to the investment. Along with that DJE sends out regular updates on the investment which helps maintain the comfort level for the investor. Some of my other investments that are doing well financially, are not doing a great job of keeping the investors informed. I have to call or email just to get updates.
I started with the minimum investment to give DJE the test drive before investing more into other DJE offerings. That said, I will be investing more with DJE as my other investments close out and return capital.
I would be comfortable recommending DJE to family and friends.