Core Values

DJE believes in the transformative power that passive income can have on the lives of investors, their families and the community. We are guided by our core values, and we endeavor to provide people with the education, systems and opportunities to make impactful real estate investments.

DJE core values

1. Everyone Involved Wins

By aligning resources and talent, we deliver results that are greater than the sum of their parts and benefit everyone involved.

2. Deliver at All Costs

Honoring our promises and completely delivering on our commitment to investors is of the highest importance. Nothing happens without delivery.

3. Do Work We’re Proud Of

By focusing doing work we can be proud of, we are creating a legacy that will outlast our individual businesses and lives.

4. Tiny Improvements Daily

Changing direction one degree today massively impacts our future position.  By focusing our efforts on incrementally improving every day, we drastically improve our results over time.