I want to talk about the power of real connections, because we have so many tools right now that are not real. What I mean by real is face to face, shake a hand, look somebody in the eyeball and I think there’s some kind of chemical thing that happens when people get together face to face that just can’t be replicated. Right? It’s why companies spend millions of dollars on business travel and so forth when you could deliver the same message over Skype or some of these other mediums. Podcasts are great. LinkedIn’s great. Facebook’s great. YouTube’s great. All these things are great. Newsletters. Tremendous tools that we have advantage to. The cost of publishing has gone to effectively zero. So, that’s a huge opportunity, but still not replacing actually meeting people face to face, connecting and getting to understand somebody’s really understanding them face to face. There’s just no substitute for it. I just landed in Chicago here. I’m here for a few days for an event that my friend Rod Khleif is putting on. A multi-family bootcamp. Very excited to attend and be a panelist and speak at this event. For multi-family investors, especially if you want to be a sponsor, or meet new sponsors, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum and there’s really no substitute for getting out there and meeting somebody that’s like minded and that has the same kind of goals as you or really somebody to model if you are trying to create a certain business in multi-family investing. Really, that holds true with anything. You know, the kind of key success formula is find somebody that’s done exactly what you want to do, fitness, business, whatever it is, and copy them exactly. It’s so simple I think that people often overlook it. Part of copying them is you’ve got to meet that person in the flesh and have a real conversation with them and really get to know and trust them and vice versa. Anyway, the power of real connections can’t be discounted. You know, part of my regimen is getting out to these events. I’m going to an Old Capitol event later this year. Jake and Gino event later this year. There’s probably meet ups in your local market and things like that that I’d highly encourage you to do, because all it takes is one partner or one key relationship that can take your trajectory from here to here really almost overnight. This happened several times in my investing career where one relationship completely changes everything for the better and allows you new capabilities and new ways to do that. Obviously, that doesn’t happen in a vacuum. These are typically face to face connections that get made and then you go from there. I’m looking forward to the next couple of days and hopefully sharing some insights on what happens here at Rod’s bootcamp. Have a great day.