I wish I had a handful of checks of 30 or 50 checks in my hand. It makes a great visual. I see a lot of other apartment syndicators doing that, but I don’t so I’ll just give you a thumbs-up. The checks represent the quarterly distributions we send out to our investor partners that invest in our multi-family projects. This week we sent out tens of thousands of dollars in distributions to our partners on multi-family projects that we own that produce quarterly cash flow.
One of the nice things is, too, that we’re going to send for 2018, we’re going to have some paper losses to send to investors as well. So you’ve got cash flow in the mail box every quarter and, at the end of the year, you get to show losses on your tax returns. It’s one of the beautiful things of investing in multi-family.
But I always personally enjoy being able to send distributions to investors and so the end of a quarter, or the beginning of the next quarter, signifies that time where we send out all those checks. I use a bill pay service so there’s no stamps or anything involved but it is a great feeling to be able to send those checks out to investors.
Take care.