Multifamily syndication advantage, there are many. We’ll talk about asset protection here. I’m not an attorney, but, I certainly rely on my attorneys to steer me in the right direction with this stuff. When we go out, my company, or any other sponsor, or syndicator, and that just means we’re going out and taking some investors along for the ride, and going out and purchase an apartment building for investment purposes. We’ve got some asset protection afforded by a syndication that you might not see, let’s say if you’re just going out and getting a rental house in your name. We’re putting these in an LLC, or usually structuring multiple LLCs, for the best asset protection structure, and going out and purchasing these assets. The multifamily syndication, when it’s set up correctly, can provide the investor, and the syndicator, with some asset protection, that other investment vehicles might not necessarily provide you. It’s one of the many reasons that we love to invest in a multifamily syndication, via a single purpose entity, that we’re going out and purchasing these properties with. Thank you.