Multifamily Mastermind Call

What: An hour long private Mastermind call for Multifamily Operators. This is not affiliated with any group, monetized, or made public. It has one objective: to help successful operators get better. Iron sharpens iron.

When: 10am CST, First Tuesday Every Month

Who: This in an invite-only private Mastermind call limited to owner/operators of at least 100 units of multifamily.

Why: To help each other solve our business challenges. Group wisdom with operators of this caliber is incredibly powerful.

How: Zoom video conference call.  Each member will share one challenge and have 5 minutes for the group to share solutions and brainstorm. This may be tools, contacts, best practices, tips, etc. This short format will allow 12 members per call to participate, and more to listen and benefit. All member contact information will be made available to the group so members can connect offline.

This rapid-fire format is designed to extract maximum value in a short amount of time, and tee up longer offline conversations between members. Calls will be recorded and available to invitees that can’t attend. My assistant will be on the call to document everything and provide notes along with the call recording. Content is strictly confidential.