Hey, this is Devin in San Antonio, Texas. And I wanted to highlight a couple of things on one of our projects here in San Antonio. And this is a early 70s C class apartment building, but the paint colors really, obviously, made a big difference here. I mean, this building was a mess when we took it over, but we did paint the brick exterior and some hardy that you can see here and of course we did the signage. So those things coupled with, if you can see the door here and some of the unit numbers, really had a big impact. And then, of course, we had the budget for the solar screens. So even though the property was really … had a lot of deferred maintenance and was really old, the paint, the painted signage and the solar screens had a big impact, significant impact on the outside that really has transformed the look of the whole property.

So I just wanted to show you a quick glance at that. It’s always a judgment call on how far to go with the renovations, but in this case we’re real pleased with the exterior. Thanks.