Dylan:           Hey, guys. So we just finished basically looting our house.

Devin:           But it’s not looting, right? Because we own it.

Dylan:           Okay, we own it.

Devin:           And they cleaned out most of their stuff, right?

Dylan:           Yeah.

Devin:           But they left some stuff behind, like-

Dylan:           This.

Devin:           Like that.

Dylan:           And this hat.

Devin:           What, show me this thing. I think we’re taking that home, right?

Dylan:           Yeah.

Devin:           That’s pretty cool. And the hat’s pretty cool, too. Yeah. So we got some guys working here. What are they doing right now?

Dylan:           They’re fixing the roof.

Devin:           We’re going to replace the roof.

Dylan:           What roof again?

Devin:           Well, the whole roof.

Dylan:           Yeah.

Devin:           And then how about the smell? Is it better than last time?

Dylan:           Yeah, it’s way better.

Devin:           Last time you said we needed a gas mask, right?

Dylan:           Yes.

Devin:           Yeah. It’s definitely gotten better. So we’ve got some stuff, we’ve got some cool finds, which-

Dylan:           Wait, I saw something.

Devin:           What?

Dylan:           I need to go right now.

Devin:           Okay, so we’ll start the rest of the crew on the inside soon, okay?

Dylan:           Yeah. I found a weight.

Devin:           Okay, all right. We’ll do another video when we get some of the inside painted and everything done, okay?

Dylan:           Okay.

Devin:           All right, bye.

Dylan:           Bye-bye.