Dylan: Hey guys, so this is the first rental house. Video four. Devin: We’ve done a few videos, yeah, this is the first rental here that is gonna be the first rental in Dylan’s portfolio and we’re partners on it, right? Dylan: Yeah. Devin: So we just did a walk through. The first time we’ve been inside with a contractor and what surprise did we discover inside? Dylan: There was someone in there. Devin: Yeah. The previous owner hasn’t moved out yet. Was the house full of stuff? Dylan: Yeah. Devin: Yeah, pretty much. So they said they’re gonna be out tomorrow with all their stuff. Do you think that’s gonna happen? Dylan: No. Devin: Yeah, it’s probably not likely. So we’re gonna have to pull out some advanced tactics here because we’ve owned the house for a couple of days now and we need to get the crews started. Right? Dylan: Yeah. Devin: What kind of work are we gonna do in there though? Dylan: So, we’re gonna paint it. Devin: Yeah, paint. Dylan: So once we paint it, it’ll look much nicer. Devin: New roof too, right? Dylan: Yeah. Devin: But other than that, once the stuffs cleaned out, I mean it looked pretty good right? Dylan: Yeah. Devin: Yeah. So I think we probably get a couple weeks worth of work once the crews start in a couple of days. And then we’re gonna work with one of other business partners to get it rented out. She’s gonna rent it out for us? Dylan: Yeah, yeah. Devin: And then we can start receiving some cash flow every month which is why we do this stuff, right. So, anyway, good video. We’ll post an update here soon. Bye. Dylan: Bye bye.