Abridged Bio (for interview introductions):

Devin Elder is Founder & CEO of DJE Texas Management Group, a vertically integrated multifamily investment firm based in San Antonio, Texas. Since 2012, the firm has completed hundreds of successful investment projects including several full cycle multifamily investments. Devin is a Principal in over 3,000 doors of  multifamily. Devin is also a Pilot, Podcast host and owner of a Real Estate consulting firm, a brokerage, and the DJE Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit supporting disadvantaged children in Texas and the Philippines.

Full Bio:

Devin Elder is sole owner of DJE Texas Management Group LLC (DJE), which manages all aspects of acquisition, repositioning, and disposition of single family, land, development, and multifamily projects in Central Texas. DJE has successfully completed over 200 Real Estate renovation projects, with renovation budgets ranging from $10k to $3M+. Devin is a Principal in over 3,000 units of multifamily valued at over $280MM. No investor capital has ever been lost on any DJE project.

The DJE multifamily portfolio is managed by DJE Properties LLC, the company’s in-house property management firm.

Prior to his Real Estate investing career, Devin earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas at San Antonio and enjoyed a near decade-long successful corporate career in Operations, IT, and Marketing roles at two of San Antonio’s largest employers, Rackspace and 3M.

Mr. Elder is the host of The DJE Podcast, a weekly show interviewing the top Commercial Real Estate investment experts in the country, and is himself a regular expert guest on the top multifamily investment podcasts in the world. 

In 2020, Devin founded The DJE Foundation, a 501(c)(3) foundation, as the philanthropic arm of DJE. The non-profit supports an orphanage in the Philippines, local Christian organizations, and numerous other causes.

Mr. Elder is Co-Founder of, a consulting firm that teaches successful professionals how to invest in multifamily communities as passive investors and operators. Devin co-founded the Real Estate Brokerage Accelerated Commercial Real Estate in 2020 with his business partner to assist clients in sourcing and closing multifamily investments.

Mr. Elder meets twice monthly with a private CEO advisory board and has a broad network of experienced and trusted advisors, attorneys, brokers, investors, and accountants that facilitate the continued success and growth of DJE.

Devin has been married to his wife Amber since 2008. They reside in far North San Antonio with their three children. He enjoys family time, flying a Robinson R44 Helicopter, playing golf, writing, recording and producing music, and spending time with his family at Eventide Ranch, the Elder family’s South Texas wild animal preserve, home to a variety of exotic animals including a herd of the extinct-in-the-wild Scimitar Horned Oryx and a Zebra named “Pete”.