Apartment Investor Club

What is the Apartment Investor Club?

A group of investors that are provided a steady supply of vetted multifamily investment opportunities to evaluate.

Criteria for Apartment Investor Club Deals:

– All deals personally analyzed & vetted by Devin Elder
– We must have a personal, demonstrably meaningful relationship with the sponsor
– We must personally invest in the deal
– Minimum cash on cash return of 8%
– Minimum equity multiple of 1.75

How to Join:

Sign up at at the bottom of this page
– Schedule a call with me to go over your investing goals
– Get educated at DJEtexas.com/videos
– Watch your email for deals

Why I Created the Apartment Investor Club:

As I’ve progressed in my Real Estate investing career, I’ve gotten to know some really outstanding investors. Not just proficient operators, but genuinely good people that I am happy to call friends. These friends also happen to buy apartments, and they rely on investors to get the deals done. I have my own deals from time to time, but I also invest in deals with other sponsors and I want to extend that opportunity to more folks. I believe in win-win scenarios, and by expanding opportunities for everyone we all win: investors, sponsors, and the community.

Thank you,

Devin Elder

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