So the main one of our main credit units or one of the units that just got finished with the renovation and this is one that we’re going to move an existing resident over into or we’ll bring on a new resident, but this is part of a project where we’re adding 24 units to a property by converting two single bedroom units on top of each other that have been connected with a spiral staircase where we’re moving the staircase and converting that. So right now we’re at 115 units on the property. Just kind of doing a quick walk through here, we got a dark pain color on the trim which doesn’t show dirt as much, nice vinyl plank flooring. In the kitchen over here you’ve got some nice black appliances and nice countertop here and just kind of doing a quick walkthrough to check some of the work that’s being done by our renovation crew. Looking forward to turning this property around. We’re about five months into ownership. By that first year cycle, we’ll have it up to 130 units and we’re also doing some things in terms of improving that operating income by taking the utility expenses that were put onto, that the property had been shouldering and on these turns when we have a nice new unit like this to least to an existing resident that will move over or a new resident, they’re going to be paying their own utility bills. And over the course of 130 units, that of course that has a big impact on the net operating income. So we’re happy with the progress at roughly the five month mark here and look forward to seeing more progress over time.