Core Values

DJE core valuesWe operate our companies and lives by a simple set of Core Values that guide all of our decision making.

1. Everyone Involved Wins

We believe in the abundance mentality and do not operate out of a ‘zero sum game’ mindset. By aligning resources and talent, we deliver results and products that are greater than the sum of the parts and benefit everyone involved: our employees, our investors, our customers, and the community.

2. Deliver At All Costs

Nothing happens without delivery. Whether that’s delivering a renovated home to the marketplace, closing a deal when we promised to, or delivering 100% on our commitment to our investors, keeping our promises is a fundamental value.

3. Do Work We’re Proud Of

The houses we renovate, the apartment communities we improve, and the relationships we create will last long after any financial transaction we engage in. By focusing on work we can be proud of, we are creating a legacy and an impact in our community that will outlast our individual lives.

4. Tiny Improvements Daily

By changing direction 1 degree today, we can impact our future position massively. We focus on tiny incremental improvements every day we work.


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